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This guide will get you started so you can learn about all the training features of and how they can help you play poker better and earn more money. If you in your 30-day free trial, then this guide should give you a chance to try all the features of before your trial expires. will all help you improve your game be able to win more money playing poker. This guide will help you learn to use all of our features.



Logging in

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Go to the login page at and enter your email and password. If you did not receive a password, use this link to request that we reset it: Reset Password




PokerCoaching Dashboard

Whenever you sign in to our dashboard will show what is available and what things you have done.




Poker Quizzes

We have a lot of content available on the site, but for now, I suggest you start by going through a few quizzes in the Quiz section.

In each quiz we will take you through a hand, asks you to choose what to do at various decisions points and then tell you what we think you should have done and why.

INSTANT ACCESS to over 200 interactive Hand Quizzes.

2 new interactive Hand Quizzes every week.

You will find this a great way to look for leaks in your play and see how Jonathan Little and our other coaches think you should play – and most importantly, explain the logic behind the various decisions you could make.

Select Quizzes from the left hand menu. I suggest you start at the first quiz and work your way toward the most recent quiz. Scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the first quiz.


Walk-Through Video


This is a video to give you a better idea of how to use the quizzes and homework of – PokerCoaching Walk-Through

You can get a 7-day free trial of  Here.

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Monthly Homework

I suggest you sign up for our monthly homework webinar. This homework will help you improved your decision making skills.

Spend some time answering the homework question and submit your answer in the forum. Jonathan will be sure to review your answer in the webinar.

INSTANT ACCESS to more than 25 recorded Group Coaching Webinars.
A new live Group Webinar with Jonathan Little every month.

A new open-ended Homework Question every month.

Custom analysis of the monthly homework questions from Jonathan Little based on students’ answers.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask using the support tab.




Homework Forum

Place your homework on the Homework Forum. We will review it at the next Homework Webinar.

You will need to sign up and register separately for the forum.





Past Homework and Webinars
We have a lot of past homework and webinars on available.  Review the comments on previous webinars will give you a good idea about thinking of ranges and making informed decisions.

 Recent homework topics, and responses from other members are available on the Forum.

In addition we have recorded the webinars for past homework.
In each webinar Jonathan discusses the home work question, provides his thought on it and when review all the submissions made by other members. You will find the past webinars and past homework questions very helpful.

If you would like to view any of our past webinars, go here. Group Webinars, or select Group Webinars from the menu on the left.




Training Videos and Learning Paths

For additional poker advice, we suggest you view our set of more than 700 Training Videos. These cover a broad range of poker topics which will expand your knowledge and thinking.

To get you started, we have provided a subset of about 70 videos which we think would be best to get you started. See: Learning Paths for more information.

This Learning Paths organization is available here: Learning Paths




Other Training Products

We have a library of additional longer videos available for purchase. You can purchase these or get them for free by taking quizzes and earning stars in our rewards program.

Click on My Purchases on the left to see what you have purchased already, then click on Training Products to see other videos which are available.


Rewards Program



You can also get many of these training videos through our Rewards Program.

Click HERE to learn more about the Rewards Program

You can earn reward points with each quiz you take. After you complete a quiz, the number of points that you earned for that quiz will be displayed in the quiz list.

As soon as you earn 200 Points, your 200 Points will automatically be converted into 1 Star. You can spend your Stars below to redeem products!